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Gaming is one of the greatest things in the world. It gives us the possibility to express our selfes in an exceptional way.

Creating great games is my biggest dream in life. Everything about it makes me happy. Passion, devotion and the goal of creating something unique is my daily drive. Virtual worlds give each of us the opportunity to experience something special.

Andre Schaaf-Ledermüller


Fall Of Chulua - The Lost Treasure

"Fall of Chulua - The Lost Treasure" sets you in an old nordic, dwarfish world where you explore the history about this old mystic place.

Greetings adventurer,
old legends telling us about an old kingdom named Ozolan. We heard that a lot of folks couldn't find a way into the inner kingdom. Do you have what it need to find the answer? 

Ancient Rush

Ancient Rush is a Brick Braker / Arkanoid game set in an ancient mediterranean world. 

Play with a ball and paddle as in the old days and fight your way through this ancient world. The old gods are waiting for you. Can you reach their old kingdom?

Ancient Rush 2

Ancient Rush 2 is a story telling Brick Braker / Arkanoid typed game set in a nordic fantasy world.

Old Legends surround the long forgotten kingdom of Ozolan. They tell stories about Chulua, the former Ruler of Ozolan, who is said to have buried himself in his own treasury, only using his bare hands. But after Ozolans fall, no one ever heard of the kingdom or it’s king ever again. Only the legends survived the time and remained until today...


A relaxing, space adventure. [In development]

Take the role of an alien creature and revisit the planet Somia. Find out in a moving, story telling environment why you are there...





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